Our fascia-based solution to aging gracefully by staying mobile, active, and vital.

GST Althea Aging protects fascia from the damaging effects of modern living that lead to wear-and-tear and decreased vitality.  Althea Aging works uniquely with the hydroelectric components of fascia to support all fluid systems for total body hydration through motion. Here you will find videos that teach you how to care for fascia as you age, treatment videos for specific needs and concerns as well as full-flow movement videos for ageless fitness.

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What’s inside?

66+ videos including

Daily Dose Collection (10 videos)

Bodywork Collection (18 videos)

Breath Work Collection (13 videos)

Face-scia Collection (7 videos)


Stay Mobile, Active and Vital

Maintain or improve your physical health and well-being throught your life!

Ageless Fitness

Designed to help people of all ages take care of their bodies in a sustainable way

Protect Your Fascia

Keep your body healthy and protect it from the “wear and tear” of modern living!

Energizing, Revitalizing & Addictive Experience!

Once you experience GST first hand, you won’t want to stop :) 

What Do Our Clients Say About Us

5 star ratingGST is life changing! Practicing GST gets everything flowing in your body so that after a class it feels like you’ve just had the most amazing massage. Not only did it change the way I connect with my body and move my body, it changed the way I approach life. I am so grateful for GST!”


5 star ratingAnna Rahe is a body genius. GST changed the way I think about my body and how I workout. She focuses on using fascia instead of muscles to strengthen and lengthen, and uses traction and compression movement to open up space to move to our utmost capability. It’s really remarkable. I would strongly recommend everyone try it!!!!”


5 star ratingWith extensive experience, profound knowledge and mind-blowing awareness, Anna has led me to lean into, discover and understand what a more aligned and juicy body feels like. She has so bravely shown me a way through the wellness wilderness so that I could find myself - my naturally designed and oh-so-intricate body - again. I couldn't recommend her and her work enough.”


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How do I know this is for me?

GST Althea Aging is for you if you’re aware that your current workout and fitness programs are not sustainable as you age. It is for you if you want to have a viable movement program that gets you in shape, while providing many other body benefits at the same time. If you're aware of your aging process and the symptoms that show up slowly starting in your 30s and want to protect and prevent many of the avoidable problems that come with aging.  If you want a sustainable feel and look-good option for staying your youngest best self through every decade Althea Aging is right for you.

When will I start seeing results?

You will experience the GST difference immediately. It feels very different from all other movement fitness modalities.  Results vary based on current body condition and fitness levels but most people report significant changes in their body’s physicality with in a few session and cognitive neurological effects with in 30 days of regular sessions (2-3 times per week)

Will I be able to do GST without any equipment?

GST Althea Aging - Actually ALL GST was created to teach you how to move your body and use it well.  It is designed to go beyond having you follow along to mimicking exercise.  You must learn how to move your body to heal your body.  We will show you how.

In other words, we don't just give you a fish- we teach you how to fish. Videos break down movements by body concern and part as well as more fluid motion sequencing exercises. You will first do small bites of learning and then be able to do this on your own. You will learn to move your body much like the way you learn to speak a language or play a musical instrument. 

Small steps and then full fluid motion.

Will I be able to learn the workouts and do them myself?

GST Althea Aging- Actually, ALL GST was created to teach you how to move your body and use it well.  It is designed to go beyond having you follow along to mimicking exercise like in most workout methods.  We do not just give you a fish- we teach you how to fish. 

You must learn how to move your body to insure that you are not adding to the stresses that erode the body - this is what we experience as aging. GST empowers you to know exactly how to care for your body so that you can do your body care anytime and anywhere.  This is empowering. This is the key to preventative care and aging gracefully with vitality living.