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We believe that TRUE wellness comes from treating the body as a whole, rather than just focusing on individual (and ineffective) body solutions. That’s why we offer a variety of classes and programs that address your mind, your body & your spirit to help you achieve optimal health and radiant well-being

Anna Rahe has spent the last 20 years developing GST Body, a high-quality body care system that focuses on moving and training your fascia to get rid of all your pain and align your body in ways you’ve never seen before…

Think about deep tissue massages, acupuncture, reiki, organ detoxification and chiropractic benefits…

All in one place

You will find ALL the benefits of ALL these modalities in our deeply satisfying workouts and body-care experiences designed for your body’s signature needs. 

GST Body empowers you to heal yourself.


Heal pain more quickly & effectively

Enhance lymphatic detoxification

Rehab lower back, knee, head, neck & shoulder issues, injuries and surgeries

Balance the nervous system & regulate emotions

Increase whole body metabolism

Address autoimmune complications

Optimise cardio & respiratory function

Tone organs & support digestion




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Heal chronic conditions, pains & injuries.

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Optimize your body for aesthetics & ultra-performance.

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Age gracefully &

pain free.


Skin to Soul is our all-access subscription to all of GST content, including Movement Medicine, Conscious Conditioning, and Althea Aging.

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Our fascia solution for holistic body care.

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Our fascia solution for holistic body care.

What Do Our Clients Say About Us

5 star ratingAnna Rahe and GST are a “must try.” You will never look back. I’ve practiced and taught yoga and pilates and have rarely come across someone as knowledgeable and gifted at sharing her craft, a system of body work so accessible, intelligent and beneficial to both mind and body. It feels so good and it works! Whatever your interests or ailments, GST and Anna have a program for you, running the full spectrum from total body conditioning to therapeutics. Please take the plunge and check out Anna Rahe and GST. They are a godsend. Truly.


5 star rating “Anna Rahe and GST Body have changed my body and my life. I have been a GST student for several years. Doing GST has forever altered my relationship with my body. GST has healed my back and shoulder injuries. I have the best range of motion I have ever had in my life. The GST concepts I have learned from Anna have transformed my movement practice. I understand now why certain repetitive movements weren’t working to give me the body I wanted, and were in fact the cause of some of my injuries and frustrations. I’m forever grateful for the healing and knowledge I have gained through GST Body practice. Anna is a true healer, and innovator in the field of movement medicine.”


5 star rating“No one knows the body like Anna does. Seriously! From your 1st online class or private session with her you soon realize she has discovered something truly remarkable with GST and that she is so passionate about sharing it with those who seek out her guidance into the complex and fascinating world of fascia. The wonderful thing about it is that she has made the principles accessible and understandable for every individual body no matter the age or issue. Using traction and fluid dynamics are just a couple of the techniques that will transform your life and shed a whole new light into your relationship with movement and the necessity of flow ~”


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<div class="editor-content"><p>KRISTA R. </p></div>,


“Every other movement therapy told me to cut out movements and restrict myself... But with Anna that wasn't the case”

“GST Body does a wonderful job teaching you the proper way of your body's functions so you can then apply them in any aspect of your life”

“I would 100% recommend GST Body to anyone looking to improve their health”



How is GST Body different?

  • GST teaches a radically different way to move your body than all other modalities.

  • GST develops a strong core without any abdominal crunches.

  • GST teaches a different way to protect your low back without tucking the pelvis.

  • GST decompresses the body rather than loading it with weight or plyometric resistance.

  • GST uses traction and stretching to strengthen the body rather than shortening by contracting muscles.

  • GST uses wide ranges of dynamic motion rather than “posing” the body into shapes and tightening muscles.

  • GST activates fascia as the primary way to move rather than muscles and bones.

I haven’t exercised in a while, will I be able to perform GST Body exercises?

Yes!  GST is able to be done by any and everybody regardless of your current body condition or fitness level. GST movement that is focused on fascia is naturally easier on the body than traditional fitness programs for 3 reasons. 

  1. Fascia shares and distributes weight and load making the effort exerted less stressful for the body. 

  2. Fascia uses momentum to create motion so less effort is required to generate motion. 

  3. Fascia is energy efficient so any large effort required to exert during an exercise is easily turned into a release during motion. 

Exercise with GST is an intelligent effort that makes exercises feel easier.

Can I access a class whenever I want?

YES! There are many classes that fit your schedule and body needs.  Some classes are live and others are curated classes from our extensive video library.

Does Anna Rahe teach in all of the videos?

Yes! Anna Rahe will be your teacher throughout whatever program you decide to take

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time from your account’s dashboard