Our fascia-based solution that provides advanced fitness training for aesthetic, athletic , and ultra-performance without added pain.

GST Conscious Conditioning is the next evolution in exercise, fitness, and sports conditioning with bio-mechanics that support rather than damage fascia.  Fascia plays by different rules, it’s a game-changer.  Here you will find educational videos to help you learn good fluid dynamic mechanics, videos to target specific interests, and flow videos for fascia fitness.

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What’s inside?

71+ videos including

Daily Dose Collection (10 videos)

Bodywork Collection (8 videos)


Sustainable Fitness

You will be able to do Conscious Conditioning for the rest of your life 🙌

Focused On All Body Systems

Conscious Conditioning is focused on all of your body systems (not just muscles or cardio) 🏃🏻‍♀️

Advanced Fitness Training

For aesthetic, athletic, and ultra-performance without added pain 🤗

Learn About Your Body

Learn your instrument. We will teach you how to move your body like a high-functioning machine! 💪

What Do Our Clients Say About Us

5 star ratingI started practicing GST at the original LA studio and have followed it online to what is now the digital studio. I love GST because it's a low impact method to move my body, nourish my fascia, tone my muscles and protect my joints.”


5 star rating“GST has transformed the way I treat and strengthen my body. I have struggled with lower back pain over the years, and traditional approaches of building core strength through the shortening and tightening of muscles made the pain worse. Anna’s approach to building muscles through movement and elongation changed everything. I’m so grateful to her and GST. Highly recommend checking out her studio!”


5 star ratingGST is a game changer.Anna's method of conditioning fascia changed my whole outlook on exercise.From the moment I tried GST I was hooked. It felt so good.Anna is a charismatic, knowledgeable teacher who explains the inner workings of the body in a way you can understand. She's funny, fit and fantastic!GST heals, conditions and slows down the aging process. You can do it with equipment or without.Both work.I ❤️ GST”


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How do I know this is for me?

GST Conscious Conditioning is for you if you find yourself getting really sore and “tweaked out” after your other workouts.  It is for you if you think you’re getting too old to do the physical workouts that you usually do.  If you are a recreational athlete wanting more out of your body.  If you want something to balance the harder workouts that tax your body, if you know you need to stretch but don’t like it and feel like you have to choose between a good stretch and a workout. You don’t have to choose you can get both.

When will I start seeing results?

You will experience the GST difference immediately. It feels very different from all other fitness modalities because we teach really different principles for moving your body.  Results vary with GST Conscious Conditioning performance-based results can be experienced within a few sessions. Focus on recovery for training will have immediate results.  Aesthetic changes in body proportions, strength, and tonality usually take 2-4 weeks with regular practice. (2-3 times per week)

Will I be able to do GST without any equipment?

YES!  GST is primarily about learning how to move your body differently.  Your body is your primary equipment and you will learn how to use this “machine” when you do GST. The GST Equipment supplements and enhances the results of GST Technology you learn.  It is easy to substitute many of the GST equipment with at home alternatives we suggest in our videos.

Will I be able to learn the workouts and do them myself?

GST Conscious Conditioning - Actually ALL GST was created to teach you how to move your body and use it well.  It is designed to go beyond having you follow along to mimicking exercise.  You must learn how to move your body to heal your body.  We will show you how.

In other words, we don't just give you a fish- we teach you how to fish. Videos break down movements by body concern and part as well as more fluid motion sequencing exercises. You will first do small bites of learning and then be able to do this on your own. You will learn to move your body much like the way you learn to speak a language or play a musical instrument. 

Small steps and then full fluid motion.