Our fascia-based solution to movement therapy that addresses chronic conditions, injuries, and pain.

GST Movement Medicine is a great starting point to learn about fascia and how to use your body.  Turns out that fascia wants opposite types of treatment than what we get from familiar traditional methods.  Here you will find videos that teach new body mechanics and deeply transformative exercises that heal fascia. You will also find specific protocol videos that cover a variety of body concerns and complications. And as you heal you will enjoy the flow videos that encourage you to move fluidly, connecting the continuum for your body back to life.  It’s the physical therapy that actually works.

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What’s inside?

88+ videos including

Daily Dose Collection (7 videos)

Breath Work Collection (13 videos)

Bodywork Collection (18 videos)

Chronic Fatigue Collection (13 videos)


Heal Your Body Pain

Get rid of all complications and pains in your body 😃

Improve range of motion

Improve flexibility and mobility 🧘🏻‍♀️

Long term solution

Movement Medicine will serve you for the rest of your life 🥰

Restore function

Let your body be fluid and fully functional again 🤸🏻

What Do Our Clients Say About Us

5 star ratingI'm super happy with the nexus compression tool. As an artist I spend a lot of time with my head hanging over my desk, and it does wonders to relieve my head and neck tension. All of the GST products seem to be very well made....I'm looking forward to diving deeper with their other offerings. Thanks!”


5 star ratingAnna and GST are the best! Anna is a fascia whisperer, teaching students to reclaim their body’s intelligence, through movement and fascia flow. All of her classes are engaging, fun and varied. I am so grateful that I found her and GST, my body and mind are the better for it!”


5 star rating “GST helped me correct many of the imbalances in my body. Anna is an amazing teacher and her understanding of the physical body is priceless. I highly recommend tying GST out.”


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How do I know this is for me?

GST Movement medicine is for you if you have chronic aches, pains, or long-lasting injuries that bother you. It is for you if you have tried a lot of things, physical therapy, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, reiki, etc, you get a mild reprieve but nothing that is lasting and permanent solution. You’re tired of your body being a central focus and determining what you can and cannot do.

When will I start seeing results?

You will experience the GST difference immediately. It feels very different from all other movement exercise modalities.  Changes with GST Movement Medicine depend greatly on the severity and how long you have had your body problem. Some people experience relief within 1 or 2 sessions or a week or two. In rare cases, it may take 30+ days to begin to experience changes.

Will I be able to do GST without any equipment?

YES!  GST is primarily about learning how to move your body differently.  Your body is your primary equipment and you will learn how to use this “machine” when you do GST. The GST Equipment supplements and enhances the results of GST Technology you learn.  It is easy to substitute many of the GST equipment with at home alternatives we suggest in our videos.

Will I be able to learn the workouts and do them myself?

GST Movement Medicine- Actually ALL GST was created to teach you how to move your body and use it well.  It is designed to go beyond having you follow along to mimicking exercise.  You must learn how to move your body to heal your body.  We will show you how.

In other words, we don't just give you a fish- we teach you how to fish. Videos break down movements by body concern and part as well as more fluid motion sequencing exercises. You will first do small bites of learning and then be able to do this on your own. You will learn to move your body much like the way you learn to speak a language or play a musical instrument. 

Small steps and then full fluid motion.